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​                                         Amy Wilson B.Nat


 I completed my degree at Southern Cross University in 2004 and commenced private practice at The Channon.  This was followed by five years in Brisbane working first at a health spa and then a pharmacy where I greatly increased my pharmaceutical drug knowledge thanks to a close working relationship with my pharmacist.  Tiring of city living I returned to Lismore in 2010 where I joined Peter in creating River Medicines.  One of my favourite modalities is Craniosacral Therapy, as the healing potential is extraordinary and the results speak for themselves.  My new passion is pathology interpretation and uncovering the wealth of information hidden in regular blood reports.


                                        Peter Wilson B.Nat, B.Bus


An accountant in a previous life, Peter started Wilsons Apothecary upon graduating Southern Cross University in 2004.  After a few years toughing it out on his own, left it behind to start a Skin Clinic and has specialised in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis for the last twelve years, compounding a range of unique and incredibly effective ointments and topical treatments.  During this time he spent two years practicing in Mt Isa where he refined his skills in heavy metal and radiation detoxification, specifically treating a lot of chronic fatigue, low thyroid and infertility.  Recently we refreshed the clinic with a name change to River Medicines and a new, more spacious location.  


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