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64 year old female with reumatiod arthritis
This iris shows quite extreme lymphatic congestion, an overloaded liver, lung degeneration and some digestive underfunctioning with moderate candida overgrowth.
The presenting complaint was rheumatiod arthritis.
Iridology allowed me to see that using anti-inflammatory herbs/supplements was not going to correct the problem, instead we focused on lymphatic drainage herbs and massage along with dietary changes (food was the likely source of the lymphatic congestion) and candida elimination through use of my favourite mineral - boron.
I also prescribed a supplement we manufacture to boost GLUTATHIONE as it is a major antioxidant for both the liver and lungs.​


50 year old male with psoriasis

This client had a variety of skin conditions, the trifecta of psoriasis, eczema and fungal nails.  This would usually be enough to send a naturopath running screaming for the hills.  However, iridology simplifies any diagnosis by showing exactly where the body requires a correction.


In this case the body was completely overwhelmed by candida which had spread past the gut to become a systemic problem.  Once this was dealt with (in this case it also took some liver work as candida secretes a toxin when eradicated, which due to the extent of this infection, was a significant factor) all that was required was some topical treatments to reduce the inflammation and heal the damaged skin for complete REMISSION of all symtoms.


The psoriasis and eczema have never returned (3yrs now) and fungal nails flare up only with wine consumption.  (We are currently working on desensitising to the preservative used in wines)  



31 year old female with acne


This client presented with acne.  Her iris shows a very damaged leaky gut, the extent of which indicates either parasites or food allergies.  Stress is a major aggravating factor as shown by the pale lines around the outside of the iris, this suppresses gut and liver function.


Treatment for this client involved a food allergy test, parasite treatment and of course supplements to fix the leaky gut.


However, most important of all was homoeopathic treatment to clear the unresolved negative emotions that were the both cause and continuation of the stress she was experiencing. 


In our experience if you want lasting results with seemingly physical problems, you need to investigate and clear STUCK EMOTIONS.  Even if a person isn't consumed by their negative thoughts, traumatic events are stored in the body tissues and create dysfunction.



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Iridology is useful to tell us where the body is overloaded or what systems are not functioning optimally (ie- degradation, inflammation) in order to treat whatever it is the client has come in with. 
For example, you might have three clients with IBS or high blood pressure but treat them differently depending on what the individual irises show.


It is also useful to show people what their "weaknesses" are and therefore treat problems BEFORE they come up.


iris 2.jpg
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