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Treatment for Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Tinea and other Fungal Infections


German Super Blue Chamomile - A superior anti-histamine (contians high levels of quercetin) antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic (pain relieving),

anti-inflammatory - superior to 0.5% cortisone in clinical trial


French Alpine Lavender -

anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, analgesic, antibacterial to antibiotic resistant staph (acne, boils), anti-fungal


Carrot Seed Oil - Improves skin tone, elasticity and general skin health, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, antiproliferative


Patchouli Oil - antimicrobial, anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory, also a transdermal agent meaning in carries the other ingredients through the layers of skin


Geranium Oil - astringent, antifungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity, very effective in clinical trial against post herpatic pain, works within minutes to relieve pain


Calendula Oil - increases glycoprotein and collagen production, particularly useful for burns, inflammation, wounds that resist healing and ulcers,

protects skin from damage against chemicals and sunburn


Frankincense Oil - reduces scarring and stretch marks, strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, research shows it also has anti-carcinogenic, anti-tumor and anti-proliferative effects


Myrrh Oil - astringent and antiseptic, tightening the top layers of skin to reduce secretions, relieve irritation and improve tissue firmness


Rosemary Oil - stimulates circulation improving delivery of nutrients to skin, astringent and toning, antimicrobial, supports healthy collagen development, neutralises free radicals


Emu Oil - anti-inflammatory and improves the healing of wounds and burns from radiation therapy, reduces stretches marks and bruises, also another transdermal agent


Zinc Oxide - speeds healing time of damaged tissues, stimulates local immunity in broken skin, increases collagen growth


Black Sesame Oil - stimulates cellular regeneration but inhibits growth of abnormal cells, strong antioxidant, skin softener, antifungal and antimicrobial


Jojoba Oil - closely resembles the natural oil on our skin therefore readily absorbed without feeling greasy, promotes skin rejuvenation minimising wrinkles, breaks down sebum plugs in acne


AHA Fruit Acid Complex (alpha hydroxy acids) - removal of dead skin cells, to treat acne and improve scarring, improve the appearence of photo-aged skin, debriding action to remove thick plaques of psoriasis etc, used in treatment of severe dry skin conditions, decreases hyperpigmentation (dark areas)


Also contains Sweet Almond Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Avocado Oil and Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E.



It can be used for –

Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Tinea, Infections, Staph, Bites, Stings, Burns,

Any Itch, After waxing and shaving, Acne, Sunburn, Cold Sores, Insect Repelling, Night Cream, Antioxidant Moisturiser, Thrush and Vaginal Itching, Hemorrhoids 





Contains the same wonderful ingredients as the green cream with the addition of ALLANTOIN from comfrey.


Comfrey is one of the most powerful plants for stimulating growth and repair of connective tissue via the stimulation of collagen cross-linking.


This actually fills in lines and wrinkles, many of our clients call it the FACE-LIFT CREAM!

                   BEFORE​​                                                      AFTER


This client's skin would react like this after drinking wine and sometimes other alcohol.  HOWEVER, it turned out wine wasn't the problem (thank heavens !).


It turned out she had a number of food intolerances, in particular eggs, dairy, garlic and sesame.  When these foods were avoided, the improvement her skin was immediate (she also suffered quite bad acne on her chest and back and sebaceous cysts which never returned following the food eliminations).


Wine contains natural high levels of histamine which can precipitate an allergic response if the body is unable to break it down, in this case it was the catalyst not the cause.


After about 6 months of food avoidance and supplements to heal the leaky gut and reduce the histamine response, she was able to reintroduce the intolerant foods (even eggs which was a strong allergy) a couple of times a week without reaction.


It was a great result considering she had suffered like this for about ten years before coming to see us.

                                BEFORE                                                                AFTER


This client had this rash for 3 years and tried many treatments to no avail.  Peter prescribed his classic GREEN CREAM formula for topical application some moderate dietary changes and  NO OTHER MEDICINE. 


The rash was resolved within 3 months and has not returned 3.5 years later.


It was a classic case of how successful Peter's topical treatments are.  He has developed a range of ointments and cleansers over 12 years of treating skin conditions.  He adjusts them as needed for individual conditions.

Skin problems can return unless the triggers and exacerbating factors are identified and treated with dietary modification and/or ingested medicines. However, sometimes a client does not want to make changes, in these cases our ointments almost always clear the rash when it presents, EVEN IN THE CASE OF PSORIASIS.


Most naturopaths will tell you psoriasis is hard to treat, Peter's success rate with this condition is approximately 95%.




We test for intolerances to 57 individual foods. By identifying which foods are causing and exacerbating the inflammatory immune response, eliminating them and repairing the gut damage caused by the inflammation most cases resolve completely.


Low levels of the enzyme that breaks down HISTAMINE results in inflamed skin conditions.

There are foods that increase this the activity of this enzyme.

The result is that people become less reactive to their “allergies”.

Learn how to avoid high histamine foods and use foods that help break down your

high histamine levels.


The right probiotic is paramount. People have various responses to many of the different strains of probiotics and I find the right one! For example many people produce the acid forming D-lactate from carbohydrates in which case they should avoid certain types of probiotics.

Some cases only need the right probiotic strain and their skin clears up.



STRESS causes ‘mast cell degranulation’

 i.e. Histamine release >> = Inflammation.

Nervine and Adaptogenic herbs and supplements as well as homeopathic remedies help improve how the body copes with high stress levels, reducing the negative impact of stress on health.

Common Sense Skincare


We also have a range of products to maintain healthy skin when there is no overt pathology.








Containing Black Sesame Oil and French Alpine Lavender.  Removes excess oil, dirt, skin cells and makeup without stripping the natural oils from your skin.  Actually reduces the oil production as your skin does not have to produce so much to maintain its moisture level.


It has a strong antioxidant effect reducing damage to skin cells and a natural SPF protecting skin from damage due to daily sun exposure.


Skin feels so soft after use you don't even need to moisturise !




With distilled Witch Hazel, Myrrh, Calendula and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the "mother".


Witch Hazel and Myrrh are two of the strongest astringents known to herbal medicine to reduce pore size, improve tissue firmness and reduce excess secretions.


Calendula reduces skin irritation and improves collagen production, useful in acne and acne scarring.


Vinegar may seem a strange addition, but the ideal pH of the skin is slightly acidic.  This encourages the natural bacterial balance of the skin which protects against staph which causes acne and fungus which causes pigmentation problems.


The use of soaps and foaming cleansers strip the skin of its protective oils and disturb this bacterial balance making the skin vulnerable to infection and ACCELERTING AGING.






















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