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An oil based cleaser is able to deeply penetrate pores removing dirt, excess oil, dead skin cells and makeup without stripping the skin of natural oils.

Soap based cleansers strip the oil from your skin which stimulates your face to produce more oil, exacerbating the problem of oily skin.


Our Facial Cleanser contains cold pressed Black Sesame Oil and French Alpine Lavender Oil.

Black sesame Oil has a strong antioxidant effect reducing damage to skin cells and a natural SPF protecting skin from sun damage.   It is non-comedogenic so won’t clog pores.

French Alpine Lavender is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial – reducing redness and acne.


Massage a small amount into the face focusing on problem areas.  You can use it to remove eye makeup also.  Rinse of with a wash cloth and warm water.  Skin is left feeling clean and soft, you may not even feel the need to moisturise!

Facial Cleanser

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  • Comes in a blue glass bottle to absorb light therefore protecting the oil against oxidation (plastic bottle available on request).  Choose between a cap or spray top.

    Cleansing with oil removes dirt, makeup and even excess oil from deep in the pores.  It does not make your skin oily, rather reduces oil production by the skin as it is not being stripped of its natural oils - so it is good for dry and oily skin types.

    Black sesame oil has a naturally high UV index which provides some protection against sun damage as well as conditioning the skin.

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