This therapeutic, topical oil has been programmed with the resonance of colours, shells, crystals, immune system herbs and nutrients.  

The oil was developed to help prevent practitioner burnout and to protect people in distressing environments.  

Massaging the oil over the thymus gland (sternum) or meridian points transfers the vibrational remedies to the body.

The remedies are imprinted in a base of pure Macadamia Oil.

Thymus Protection Oil

    • For protection from environmental and human energy disturbances
    • To protect those who are working with emotionally distressed people
    • To protect people who "pick up other people's pain"
    • To help practitioners stay centered in their heart space
    • To balance chakras
    • Massage into scar tissue to promote healing
    • Apply to acu-pressure points for prolonged balancing
    • Massage into temples and forehead (emotional stress release points) during/after emotional emergencies
  • Shipping is $9 for less than 500g, $14 for 500g-3kg.