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Pomgenex is a delicious blend of three of nature's most highly prized plant foods - pomegranate, coconut water and broccoli sprouts.  Each of these has been extensively researched for its significant contribution to human nutrition. 

Broccoli sprouts in particular contain 50 times more of the beneficial phytonutrients of the broccoli vegetable.  This patented extract is carefully dried to retain the essential natural enzyme and other key biomolecules.

The unique blend of three all natural ingredients in PomGenex delivers a highly potent functional food ideal for even the fussiest palate.

It is all natural, nothing artificial and no added sugar.




  • Adults: Take 1- 3 serves of PomGenex per day or as directed. Ensure that scoop is dry before use. To ensure best nutritional results, PomGenex should not be added to hot food or served as a hot beverage.

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