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Epsom Salts are magnesium sulphate.  Most Epsom Salts are synthetic ie- manufactured, this is ok if you check you have Food Grade epsom salts (food grade means is has been checked for contaminents such as heavy metals and arsenic that can come from manufacturing equipment that is also used to make fertilizers and other such products).

Our Epsom Salts are from a naturally occuring deposit in Germany - as nature intended.

You can be confident that you are soaking in the purest Magnesium Sulphate with zero contaminents.

Natural Epsom Salts

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  • Add approximately 1 cup to a bath or 2 tablespoons to a foot bath.

    The magnesium and sulphate absorb through the skin.

    Magnesium is a muscle relaxer and reduces the amount of stress hormone (cortisol) you produce.

    Sulphate is used by the body in liver detoxification which is why epsom salt baths have a reputation for assisting detox programs. 

  • Shipping costs $14 for 500g-3kg.

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