This topical, therapeutic oil has been programmed with the resonance of colours, shells, crystals, nutrients and herbs to strenthen and balance the energy of the heart and enhance the healing process of the body.

It contains the essential oil of Rose to help release anger, bitterness, emotional exhaustion, grief, jealousy and sadness.

Massaging the oil over the heart or meridian points transfers the vibrational remedies to the body.

The remedies are imprinted in a base of pure Macadamia Oil.

Heart Balm Oil

    • To nuture a broken heart
    • To balance the functional energy of the heart and circulatory system
    • To facilitate emotional intelligence and allow emotional healing
    • As First Aid when dealing with greif, sadness and longing
  • Shipping is $9 for less then 500g, $14 for 500g-3kg