The Wifi patch contains 4 layers of 16 antennas.  This increased strength is perfect for strong transmitting devices such as modems.  Placing one on the modem "cleans" the waves at the source, limiting the negative effect on living cells. 


The above images show the results of a Bioresonance test measuring meridians.  The first image is a neutral measurement, the second is with Wifi signal turned on and the third is with the Wifi on and a Clean-Wave Wifi patch on the body.  You can see the meridians become disorded with the Wifi signal and are restored to balance by the patch.  As it works by creating a phase shift, it does not interfere with signal or strength of signal.


This patch is the desired strength for personal protection and can be carried on the body for protection against all electromagnetic and radio frequencies.

Clean-Waves Wifi Patch