The easiest method for personal protection from EMF radiation.  The bracelet contains 64 modules of antennas arranged in the unique 3D multi phase shifter design to protect the wearer from all EMF radiation encountered while out and about.

Some people find they feel very unwell after visiting cities, office buildings or supermarkets, areas with high levels of transmitters and EMF.

Wearing this bracelet ensures you are not restricted about where you can go as the multiple echos created by the device jam the frequencies of the EMF radiation and prevent them from disturbing cellular communications.

These are especially good for children as they are worn on the body and less likely to be lost.   

Sizes as follows XS 16cm, S 17cm, M 19cm, L 20.5cm, XL 22cm.

Clean-Waves Bracelet

  • Shipping costs $9 for less than 500g or $14 for 500g - 3kg.