A strong blend of essential oils to stimulate lymphatic flow, circulation and reduce fluid retention.          This clears lymphatic congestion and enhances detoxification.

Stimulating congested lymph flow and sluggish skin reduces the appearance of cellulite which is aggravated by fluid retention.

Massage this oil into abdomen and legs (or other areas affected by fluid retention) daily for best results.  This can assist weight loss efforts.

Contains Rosemary, Fennel, Juniper, Geranium, Sage and Lemongrass Oils.

Cellulite Oil 50ml

  • Massage into abdomen in a circular motion starting at the bottom right corner, moving up, across and down to the bottom left corner.

    Then massage into thighs, arms, feet/ankles (any area affected by fluid retention or cellulite).  Massage from the periphery to the centre of the body to support the direction of lymphatic flow.

  • Shipping is $9 for less then 500g, $14 for 500g - 3kg.