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This is a urine test for the condition PYROLURIA also known as Pyrrole disorder, kryptopyroluria, kryptopyrole or Mauve disorder.  It affects approximately 10% of the population but most people who have it will go undiagnosed and improperly treated, usually prescribed antidepressant medication.  


Pyrroluria is a genetic defect in the metabolism of haemaglobin (the oxygen carrying part of blood) which creates excess waste products called pyrroles.  These bind to zinc, B6, biotin and omega-6 fatty acids causing deficiencies in these nutrients. Symptoms of pyrroluria include -


anxiety/fear/panic                                                             pale skin/inability to tan

social phobia/isolation                                                      stretch marks

easily fatigued                                                                  white spots on the nails

poor short term memory                                                   premature grey

pessimism                                                                         dry skin                                                                                depression                                                                         light/sound/odour intolerance

low stress tolerance                                                           poor dream recall

explosive anger                                                                 morning nausea/skips breakfast  

hyperactivity                                                                     motion sickness




Urine is collected in a darkened room and placed in a vial with a preservative and immediately frozen as pyrroles break down very rapidly in light. 


Treatment involves supplementation of the missing nutrients, usually zinc and B6 is enough but it depends on the severity of the condition.  Long term treatment should involve addressing the underlying causes.


Although this is usually a genetic condition, causes such as poor diet, environmental and emotional stress and especially ‘leaky gut syndrome’ and the over use of antibiotics need to be remedied.


Stress of any kind will increases production of pyrroles which in turn decreases zinc and B6.  A person with pyroluria will find their symptoms worse during stress and will need to take higher doses of supplements during this time.


Stress doesn't have to be a looming deadline or exam, even a common cold is a stress on the body.  One way to significantly reduce the effect of stress is to eat very regularly and maintain a stable blood sugar level.


Wholistic treatment of pyroluria looks at more than supplements and gives the knowledge and tools to the client so they understand and can manage their symptoms more effectively.


















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