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Peter and Amy Wilson are University qualified naturopaths who have been in practise for 15 years.  We believe in empowering the clients to have control over their own health and getting to the cause of the problem EVERY TIME rather than using symptom management.  We use Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Homoeopthy and Nutritional Supplements most of which we make ourselves to keep products as pure and unadulterated as possible.  

Just letting everyone know, Peter and I have closed our clinic in Lismore and joined forces with Northern Rivers Health at Lennox Head and Alstonville.  We still provide the same services and products and you can still contact us on the same phone numbers and email.  Our new website is coming soon!


Use the Iris to pinpoint your specific path to perfect health and identilry problems BEFORE they develop


Not only for aches and pains, bodywork can release energetic and emotional blockages with profound results

We compound ointments, skin care products, supplements, herbs and homoeopthics so we know exactly what is in our products

Other ServicesOther Services

We do a range of blood and urine tests in clinic.
HEAVY METALS - a screening test to show your most dominant ionically active (ie - doing damage) heavy metal
FREE RADICALS - shows your level of oxidative damage, whether your supplements are working and how fast you're aging.
We also send samples to a lab for more involved testing such as hormone profiles, iodine status, pyrroles, liver detoxification profile and intestinal permeability (leaky gut).

We test for allergies and intolerancs to 96 foods with a finger prick blood test. The sample is sent to a lab the US to assess the body's immune response to these common foods.

We have an arrangement with local pathology if we need a larger blood sample drawn.


Food Intolerances are a delayed hypersensitivity reaction which is why they can be challenging to identify with elimination diets. 


Symptoms can be obvious such as rashes and hayfever or subversive such as depression, learning difficulties or acne.


This client was suffering migraines secondary to a toxic bowel which was all aggravated by a very abnormal stress response. 


Using iridology we could see that in order to treat the presenting complaint we had to normalise the stress response which involved addressing several addictions, then cleaning out the bowel, reducing the toxicity of the diet and stimulating gastric function generally. 


It was a great result, not only for the migraines but for the impending catastrophic health problems nipped in the bud.  For the interest of other iridologists out there - this client was only 16yoa.


Most supplements contain fillers and excipients which help in the manufacture of the product, however these can cause negative reactions.  


The most common lubricant used actually blocks absorption of the supplement by 70%.  Acrylic coatings on tablets and capsules which aid swallowing are increasing the toxic load on the body.


We have created a range of herbal and nutritonal capsules and powders made using pure vitamins, minerals, certified organic herbs and NOTHING ELSE. 


This also saves you money as all the middle men are cut out of the equation.  

TIP OF THE CENTURY - Why is boron our fastest selling supplement ???















Because everyone who buys it comes back for more.


Boron is well known for bone health and is a must for anyone with or concerned about OSTOEPOROSIS or OSTEOPENIA.​  It is far more important than taking calcium (which should never be taken in doses higher than 500mg, otherwise it causes hardening of the arteries, if your calcium tablets are stronger than this CUT THEM IN HALF!)

Less well known is the fact that boron is a "miracle cure" for ARTHRITIS both osteo and rheumatoid.  Since we have been prescribing boron the last couple of years, I no longer prescribe any of the anti-inflammatory herbs I used to because it is not necessary.  The other great thing is it doesn't stop working when you stop taking it, the effect can last for months.​


Boron is also the most effective remedy to eliminate CANDIDA and FUNGAL infections, including vaginal, digestive and skin and nail infections.  Again most anti-fungal herbs straight in the bin as they are no longer required.


The other greatest thing about boron is that it is cheap, FINALLY A MIRACLE MEDICINE THAT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD !  We source our boron supplement from New Zealand as it is not widely available here, if you are taking borax or another similar product just make sure it is food grade for human consumption.  The product used to kill ants has other things added to it that won't make you feel very good.



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